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Beckie Stregge, Bismarck, Published October 17 2012

Letter: Heidi Heitkamp is with Obama

At a debate in Bismarck between Rick Berg and Heidi Heitkamp, they were both asked if they support oil drilling in North Dakota. Heitkamp’s enthusiastic response was “Drill, baby, drill!” Yet she accepted campaign contributions from anti-fracking lawyers out of state. Candidates don’t accept money from organizations without agreeing to represent their cause. Obviously, Heitkamp is not for oil drilling in North Dakota. Heitkamp is not telling the truth.

Heitkamp strongly supports President Barack Obama. He stopped off-shore drilling and drilling on public land. There’s nothing stopping him from taking over our private land in North Dakota to stop drilling here, too.

It is the opinion of many that Obama is unconstitutional and is promoting his dangerous agenda in America. We are being stripped of our liberties one by one. Obama is not for America – he’s for himself and a certain few who will back him. Heitkamp wants to be one of the few. She’s already “Washington.”

We need to continue to fight for our freedom – vote Berg.