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John Risch, Bismarck, Published October 16 2012

Letter: Obamacare good for North Dakota

Whether it’s in letters to the editor or nasty TV ads, all we hear from the corporate Republican crowd is that “Obamacare” is evil.

For the record, Obamacare keeps our children on our health plans until age 26. It prohibits insurance companies from cutting off people when they are sick. The law prohibits denying insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. It eliminates lifetime caps, and it provides for purchasing pools so small- business folks and individuals can buy health insurance at decent group rates.

By forcing insurance companies to reduce their overhead, Obamacare reduces costs to the states and federal government by $786 billion over the next 10 years.

Those who are now calling Obamacare socialism are the same cast of characters who called Medicare and Social Security socialism when they were enacted.

Since this crowd is devoid of any positive ideas, it’s all they have to campaign on.