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Doug Schulz, Fargo, Published October 15 2012

Letter: Goldmark story is a distraction

I have heard several discussions on numerous media that attempt to paint U.S. Rep. Rick Berg, R-N.D., as a rich slumlord who is driven by greed and is completely disinterested in the middle class and the elderly. First, for those irked by a bad experience in a Goldmark property, you may want to check the names on your rental checks. Berg is now affiliated with commercial real estate.

I do remember back in 1986 when Berg rebuilt and then rented out a complex near North Dakota State University. As I recall, he and a couple partners started with an idea/concept and then convinced a banker to give them a loan – in other words, they built it from the ground up.

Another example of such fortitude and the financial rewards that are possible for North Dakotans is Doug Burgum and Great Plains-Microsoft. Given the modest, rural upbringings of these men, their business financial successes could provide a storyline for a non-fiction book titled “How Hard Working, Honest Folks in North Dakota Live the American Dream.”

Most importantly, I see Berg’s success as a distinct advantage when serving the interests of North Dakota citizens on the Hill in D.C. Why? Because he is comfortable with his family and his life and doesn’t need to make deals that advantage himself or others. We are fortunate to have a legislator like Berg devoting so much time serving our state. Indeed, he was a part of many North Dakota House bills that led to our current state budget surplus, and his peers recognized his leadership by nominating him as speaker and majority leader of the House.

I believe that Berg has made great strides during his freshman term on Capitol Hill and is well-suited to begin working with Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., while negotiating bills with a smaller number of colleagues. Join me in trusting Berg to pass legislation in the U.S. Senate that will allow North Dakotans to live their dreams.