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Beverly Olson, Fargo, Published October 14 2012

Letter: Is this the way we do things?

I hope that the millions of dollars being poured into advertising by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (see Forum, Aug. 30) in support of Rick Berg is not interpreted as “how we do things in North Dakota.”

My sense/belief/hope is that North Dakota residents do care about and respect one another – even when disagreeing; however, such negative, disrespectful advertising paid for by the Republican Party or super PACs is not the North Dakota way. Such negative campaigning (by both parties) only continues the polarization, disrespect and noncooperation we have seen develop in Congress in the past years.

Is this advertising, paid for by the Republican Party and/or super PACs going to influence our votes? I hope not.

When I tuned to 970-AM for the news recently and heard two of the Republican ads, within less than five minutes, the radio was shut off. I was feeling assaulted and unpleasantly bombarded as I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee.

As of today, I will be listening only to news (TV/radio) or public broadcasting until after the election. I will be reading the fact checks published by The Forum (thank you), the Washington Post and Politico. Is this advertising reflective of “the way we do things in North Dakota?” I truly hope not.

I also grieve that it seems the millions of dollars/time spent in campaign advertising is one of the disgraces and tragedies in America today.