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Mike Beaton Sr., Fargo, Published October 12 2012

Letters: Party bosses will rule

Labels are often applied to U.S. presidents. Bush is labeled as the worst. Clinton deserves to be called the lucky sleaze. Reagan was the smooth communicator. Carter, the most pathetic. And so on. Obama could be the most dangerous.

North Dakota Democrat congressional candidates Heidi Heitkamp and Pam Gulleson confirm the fear that many Americans have for our nation under Obama for another four years. Both candidate’s campaigns have subtle and direct messages that distance themselves from Obama and his socialist vision of America. Heitkamp tells us how she will oppose Obama’s positions on pipelines and coal. Gulleson tells us that she will be an independent voice for North Dakota. Neither candidate attended the Democrat National Convention, perhaps in fear of being connected to Obama’s unpopular national policies that damage North Dakota, like oil drilling roadblocks that could make America energy independent or European-style health care.

If you believe that two freshmen from North Dakota will fly into Washington and tell their party bosses, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, how they will vote, you will also believe that the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale again and that cows fly. Recall “Team North Dakota” – Kent Conrad, Byron Dorgan and Earl Pomeroy – when they would appear in commercials also wearing denim sans any dirt, grease or cockle burrs and tell us that they had our best interest in mind and would oppose party pressure. Had Pomeroy listened to what people in North Dakota had to say about Obamacare he may have had a better chance of being re-elected, but Pelosi had his vote.

Obama is attributed with having said during his 2008 campaign “My friends: We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join me, as we try to change it.” October AARP Bulletin says that cutting tax benefits for the wealthy would do little to close the $1.1 trillion deficit. He broke his promise to bring our military out of Iraq, immediately. He took over General Motors, and the government still owns 25 percent of the stock.

My favorite Obama statement includes him telling business people and farmers that if they are successful, “you didn’t do it.” His resume includes little evidence of private sector work experience.

North Dakota will probably not vote for Obama, like 2008. But, the left-dominated East and West coasts might, and that would return Obama to office. So, why should North Dakota send Heitkamp and Gulleson off to Washington to help Obama get his dangerous policies through Congress? And, more than 50 percent of Congress is made up of lawyers, so sending Heitkamp to Washington would further concentrate the governing approach of people who are trained to argue rather than resolve problems swiftly.

Vote for Romney/Ryan, Berg and Cramer.