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Source: http://thelook.today.com, Published October 13 2012

Hot Topics: When do women start worrying about aging?

Wrinkle worries begin for most women at age 29 for most women, according to a new study conducted by British beauty and health retailer Superdrug.

The biggest concerns for the 2,000 women survey were (in order) wrinkles, sagging faces, sagging breasts, facial hair and going gray.

The same findings show that the average woman applies makeup and creams for 12 minutes a day. That’s more than three days each year.

Furthermore, one in 10 women felt they look older than they actually are by six years, but six in 10 felt they looked younger, due in part to their skincare and makeup rituals.

What SheSays: We’re curious what men would say about their fears on aging. They would likely share some of the same sagging/graying concerns, but we doubt it would start in their 20s.

Women for so long have tied how they feel about themselves to their looks, but starting to worry about wrinkles and gray hair in your 20s seems a bit premature.

There’s nothing wrong with beauty treatments that make you feel better about yourself, but wouldn’t it be great if our looks didn’t affect our self-worth?