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Kurt Bollman, Brad Williams and Dale Hellevang, Published October 09 2012

Letter: Company mischaracterized in heated Senate campaign

Recently our company, Goldmark Property Management, has been a focal point in a highly contested Senate race. We have been unfairly labeled in this campaign rhetoric. We want to address this attack on our employees, our business partners and our residents because what is being said about our company does not reflect the reality of what they know to be true.

Goldmark Property Management manages properties to provide homes for thousands of residents and a business return for hundreds of individuals who own those properties. While we today manage property in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, it is in North Dakota that our roots go back 30 years and where we do the majority of our business. More than 200 of our 280 employees live here and these dedicated employees work hard to provide a home to more than 23,000 people in Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks. We are proud of our employees, and the integrity, teamwork, excellence and innovation they bring to the business of managing properties and serving residents.

It is unfair to our company, our employees and especially the residents who make their homes in the apartments we manage to suggest that we mistreat them. Managing apartment homes is a challenging business involving interactions with thousands of residents and prospects every month. There are strict laws we follow on many fronts, especially about holding a resident responsible for the contract they have signed, the payment of rent and the condition of the property. By the very nature of our industry, there will be complaints filed, but more than 99 percent of our contracts are without formal complaints.

We are the first to say we are not perfect. When we do miss something, we work to make it right. Our business is much more complicated than a sound bite in a radio or television commercial can accurately portray, and that makes us an easy target.

The references in many political ads are inaccurate, as is the case related to Goldmark Property Management in these ads. Using only a small fraction of the true full story dramatically makes a misleading assertion. We will not take space here to respond to each of these assertions. Anyone desiring to learn the full facts is encouraged to check out a detailed fact sheet posted on www.goldmarkis.com.

The reason that Goldmark Property Management is part of the conversation is simple. One side is trying to portray us as mistreating North Dakotans and to tie Rick Berg to that behavior. The truth is that Berg had a minority ownership in our company 26 years ago but has not had ownership or policymaking influence in our company since 1986.

Berg’s involvement is not the issue here. The real issue is the unfounded and misleading things being said about our company. Our employees, our residents and all the people of North Dakota deserve better.

Bollman is executive vice president; Williams is president; Hellevang is vice president, Goldmark Property Management.