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Jim Geyer, Horace, N.D., Published October 05 2012

Letter: Fairness is out by Rick Berg’s way

Rick Berg promises to protect seniors 55 and older from Medicare cuts. That implies “juniors” under 55 face cuts when they reach Medicare coverage at age 65. That will be the end of the “Medicare guarantee,” the guarantee that all Americans will have high-quality health care when they get older.

Juniors have to wonder why they should vote for Berg against their personal interest. Their benefits will suffer, and they will pay more out of pocket. Their taxes will be paying for better benefits for seniors. Juniors will lose on benefits and taxes.

Seniors have to wonder why they should vote for Berg. He offers preferential treatment in return for their vote. But that is a vote to shaft children and grandchildren. Can you say to your grandson or granddaughter: You are going to have to work about 50 years to pay for high- quality health care for me but you can’t have that same care in your old age? Doesn’t seem fair somehow.