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By Scott Hennen, Published October 07 2012

She can’t run from her record

North Dakotan’s deserve to get “The Rest of the Story” on Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign for U.S. Senate. A recent mailer touted her plans to “put party interests aside.” Does anyone, anywhere believe that she can rake in campaign cash from typical liberal Democratic sources and then, if elected, disregard their views? Of course not.

Heitkamp’s second biggest campaign contribution is from a law firm that specializes in lawsuits to stop the procedure known as fracking, a technique responsible for vaulting North Dakota to the second-biggest oil producer in America. As a former EPA attorney, her record doesn’t exactly allay concerns that she would join the environmental extremist anti-oil crowd in D.C. Now she refuses requests from local legislators, business owners and energy workers to return the tainted campaign contribution. Does that sound like someone ready to put party interests aside?

The week before last, she was fundraising in Washington, D.C., and New York with an opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline, the liberal New York Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand, yet Heitkamp claims to oppose President Obama’s efforts to delay the project. Can she be trusted?

Another highlight of her week was bringing in Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware (who once called himself a “bearded Marxist)” for a “Creative Energy Fundraiser” in Fargo. I’d say it is more deceptive than creative to bring in someone who supports the anti-energy cap and trade legislation and then claim you are pro-energy.

In contrast, Rep. Rick Berg hosted Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson from Texas. She told me she’s heard similar claims of “independence” and a pledge to “put party interests aside” from countless Senate candidates. Yet she says she has never seen anyone able to fulfill the pledge. Ever. Hutchinson says the way the U.S. Senate works doesn’t lend itself to it and party leadership doesn’t allow it. Since Heitkamp has promised to support the hyper-partisan Harry Reid for Democratic leader, this is an empty promise, too.

The only hope for North Dakota Democrat election success is a Senate campaign that is running from the Democratic Party label. Aside from the attacks on Berg’s wealth, most voters would not be able to recognize her as the Democrat she obviously is.

Pro-abortion policies are not popular in North Dakota. Heitkamp takes money from Planned Parenthood leadership but remains mum on her radical views on the issue.

She promises to focus on “creating jobs.” But the Democrats in Congress promise to ram through tax hikes on oil companies and employers. How exactly will that create jobs in North Dakota?

As for her pledge to “balance the budget,” the seat she seeks is currently held by the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Kent Conrad, who did not even produce a Democratic budget, let alone a balanced one. Would she be any different? Doubtful.

Ohio is a battleground state, yet Sen. Sherrod Brown is running for re-election there as an unapologetic liberal who promotes Obamacare (which Heitkamp used to tout, until she became a candidate) and pro-union policies. That’s honest. That’s what North Dakotans deserve in this Senate campaign from Heidi Heitkamp. Quit hiding who you really are.

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