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Wayne H. Kelly, Published September 29 2012

Letter: Romney the new Hoover

Calling all sheep needed to follow Mitt Romney over the cliff to America’s destruction.

I was a child of the Depression caused by Herbert Hoover; born and raised in Hibbing, Minn. After school was over, my friends and I climbed over the fence to eat our fill of hazelnuts and chokecherries, on our way to the pond for a dip. To our surprise, there were hundreds of people living in flimsy shacks they named “Hooverville.”

They were just looking for work; no jobs and no money. My mother fed them many sandwiches. I don’t recall how long they stayed, but they caused no trouble.

The steam locomotive that pulled the iron ore cars to Duluth would toss off coal for them. We enjoyed talking to the poor guys who were down and out of work.

It was said, “Millionaires who don’t pay their fair share of taxes will bring down America as we now know it.”

The Republican Party has one goal and that is to make President Barack Obama a one-term president. He inherited this mess from George W. Bush, “the clueless one,” who made millionaires richer and to hell with the middle class.

Yes, the Republicans need more sheep to follow Romney over the cliff.

Romney was quoted as saying, “America’s corporations are in great shape.” They put all their profits into offshore tax havens, which is where he probably puts his money. He refuses to divulge his income tax returns and has no plan what to do if he wins.

We Republicans have done many rotten things, but the worst was preventing Obama from putting thousands of men and women to work rebuilding the highways, bridges, schools, etc.

I came to North Dakota from Aberdeen, S.D., and was a registered Republican. But enough is enough.

Kelly, 87, lives in Fargo.