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Arlene Olson, Wing, N.D., Published September 28 2012

Letter: Heitkamp, Gulleson for North Dakota

Isn’t campaign season the time that politicians like to brag about getting things done that benefit their state?

Why, then, are Republicans in Congress allowing their members to take so much criticism for not passing a reasonable farm bill? Wouldn’t it be easy to just pass a modest bill that cuts spending yet provides the basic securities our farmers need?

What I am getting at is that Republicans should all be clamoring to pass a farm bill so they can come home and brag about it – but they are doing just the opposite. So, something must be going on.

I can come up with only two possibilities. The obvious one is they do not want President Barack Obama to get credit for anything, and even if it means hurting farmers, they will do whatever it takes to keep Obama from signing a bill into law. They have done this on just about every issue before Congress.

The second reason is that they hope to put more Republicans in office so they can then take an ax to farm spending like they have wanted to do for years. After all, they just recently voted to cut $180 billion from the farm bill when they passed their budget plan. Rick Berg supported these massive cuts to agriculture.

Either reason scares me. We need people who will put the country before politics and who would not allow people like Paul Ryan to savage the farm bill. We need Pam Gulleson and Heidi Heitkamp.