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Source: The Sun, Published September 28 2012

Hot Topics: Adele says she doesn’t care that ‘sex sells’

You won’t find British singer Adele stripping down into skimpy outfits to help sell out concerts or records.

When Lady Gaga launched her “Body Revolution” campaign this week to encourage healthy body image, she did so by posting photos of herself in nothing but a barely-there pair of underwear and a bra.

Adele reacted by telling U.K.’s Sun newspaper that songstresses who strip down and perform sexy romps onstage are only fueling fan’s unhealthy and unrealistic views of body image.

“I’ve seen them up close, and they don’t even look like that,” the 24-year-old pregnant singer told The Sun.

Adele, who has become a plus-size idol, says it wouldn’t matter if she looked like a supermodel – she still wouldn’t wear the revealing clothes with which other performers stock their closets.

“I just stand there and sing. I’m not worried that I’m a ‘plus size’ and so much bigger than other artists,” she said.

“No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself.”

What SheSays: Good for Adele for being confident in her body and not wanting to exploit herself for fame, but some women do feel good about themselves when wearing sexy clothing.

And she’s right that the key is being happy with yourself, but happiness and comfort with your body means different things for different people.

Sex does sell, and that’s not a reason to strip down. But wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself – skimpy or modest – isn’t a bad thing.