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Milo Buchholz, Fingal, N.D., Published September 22 2012

Letter: ‘Leaders’ ignore the real problem

It seems we cannot turn on any kind of public communications and not hear about one candidate or another cutting down someone else or boasting what they will do if elected. Not one word about leaving the atmosphere alone or going to stop worldwide nuclear testing or even the simple thing of leaving the clock alone.

You would think that the above-mentioned items would be priority with anyone running for election because of the suffering and anguish. No, they just keep going on about petty things like 2-year-olds trying to get the last piece of candy.

No respectable leader would make their people change their clocks twice a year. No respectable leader would disturb the atmosphere with one rocket after another causing their people grief and sorrow, via erratic and destructive weather, or sell our technology to other countries committing outright treason. No respectable leader would constantly blast their opponent.

In reality, America does not have respectable leaders – we have tyrants.