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Libby Schneider, Fargo, Published September 22 2012

Letter: Want coverage? Agree to debates

In response to Jack Dalrymple’s campaign manager Amy Lunde and her Sept. 13 letter criticizing The Forum for its coverage of the North Dakota Broadcasters debate:

If you want more debate coverage, agree to more debates. Sen. Ryan Taylor has accepted invitations for seven debates in different communities all across the state of North Dakota, and the governor has turned down all but two of those invitations. If Dalrymple is so eager to get coverage from the media, he would be well-served to accept these invitations from groups like the League of Women Voters and join Taylor in a healthy debate of their different visions for the future.

Taylor has been traveling across the state talking with North Dakotans about what they want from a governor in Bismarck and discussing his plans for education, property tax relief and what the state can do for folks in western communities affected by oil development.

Elections should be about more than 30-second commercials and sound bites. North Dakotans deserve to hear from our candidates about their ideas for the future, and the best place to do that is in a side-by-side debate on the issues.

We invite Dalrymple to join us in the five remaining debates we have agreed to and the media coverage that comes with them.

Schneider is campaign manager, Taylor for North Dakota.