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Todd Schultz, Reno, Nev., Published September 17 2012

Letter: Advice for Jamie: Leave, find life

As a Fargo-Moorhead native, I find it painful to see my home region in the news for something as discriminatory as Jamie Kuntz’s dismissal from the North Dakota State College of Science football team.

Sadly, most gay boys in rural North Dakota aren’t able to come out or date in high school. They lack the relationship experience of their peers and, like Kuntz, blunder through their first college relationships with the dating I.Q. of a middle schooler. Kuntz’s coach should have recognized the situation for what it was: a weird, awkward, perhaps age-inappropriate relationship conducted by an inexperienced young man. Instead, the coach chose to affirm that the rules are still different for gay boys in North Dakota.

Kuntz was ostensibly dismissed for lying, a rules violation, but we all know that is itself a lie. Straight boys have weird, awkward romances, lie about them and stay on the football team. Straight boys commit voter fraud and stay on the football team.

To Kuntz: The message is clear. Leave. Find your life and your happiness in a bigger, more accepting place. Always remember the good and beautiful of North Dakota, and on visits home, continue changing minds by showing people the complete, successful person you will become.