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Jim Lein, Minot, N.D., Published September 17 2012

Letter: Not first voter fraud case, is it?

To the best of my memory, this is hardly the first time that petitions have been rejected because of forged signatures, but it is the first time that legal charges are being filed. Previously, when officials found forged signatures, they invalidated the petition, or they invalidated it if the number of forgeries brought the overall number down to below the required number. Why the legal action this time?

This was college high jinks gone wrong, a prank or practical joke on a large scale. I recall a Rose Bowl game decades ago when the name Cal Poly Tech came up in the card section of UCLA. Cal Poly students had snuck into UCLA, stolen the plans for the card designs and altered them. No theft or breaking and entering charges were filed. People back then could take a joke.

Why so punitive, North Dakota officials? You got the job done; the petition was rejected. Lighten up, and think back. Didn’t you ever have fun and do some ill-advised things in college?