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Bob Lind, Published September 16 2012

Lind: Some classic car owners removed seat belts

Did you do the smart thing and fasten your seat belt today?

It’s clearly a potential life-saving practice. But if you didn’t – well, that would be nothing new.

Let’s bring in John Gustafson, Fargo, who just for the fun of it is a photographer who has raked in many awards for his work.

This summer, John shot pictures of some classic cars during Fargo’s “Cruising Broadway” event. One of the cars was a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk which, he notes for the sake of car buffs, had a 327-cubic-inch V8 engine, two four-barrel carburetors and, yes, seat belts.

However, he says, in reference to those belts, “People took single-edge razor blades, cut them out and threw them away.

“So much for public safety,” he says.

Kind of scary, John.

Lulu Belle and Scotty

And now, Lulu Belle and Scotty.

Many of you have written in about this singing radio duo out of Chicago who in the 1930s and 1940s were dubbed the “Sweethearts of Country Music.” Those stories triggered a memory for Gurnee Bridgman, Fargo, who grew up in Chicago.

Gurnee’s father once nailed two hard-to-get tickets to the National Barn Dance program and gave them to his son.

Gurnee, then a high school student, lined up a date and took her to the broadcast, which featured Lulu Belle and Scotty.

Those two singers were “consummate entertainers,” he says. “They were nothing but good.”

Gurnee says he himself “is no musician by any stretch of the imagination,” but he “really enjoys music” of many types, including country music such as that provided by Lulu Belle and Scotty.

By the way, Gurnee, how did the date go with that girl?

“She was cute,” he says, “but the date was an overwhelming disaster. Nothing came of it.” He eventually married someone else.

But Lulu Belle and Scotty were good, so that evening wasn’t a total loss.

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