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June Dordal, Moorhead, Published September 14 2012

Letter: Pastor’s column oversimplified

In response to the Rev. Doug VanderMeulen’s article on rape and abortion (Forum, Sept. 9):

He states rape is evil and among the most grievous violations of a person with lifelong effects that cannot be overstated. Please read that sentence again. Now imagine you have been violated in the most profound and horrific way possible and most likely from someone you knew. Your world is now twisted into a nightmare full of pain, terror and fear and on top of all that, this act of brutality has resulted in a pregnancy.

VanderMeulen oversimplifies this complex situation where there is already plenty of guilt, shame, fear and loss. I have never been in this situation, but even I, a woman, cannot fully imagine the horror these victims suffer. I hate to play the gender card, but this is the one thing no man can ever begin to understand no matter how empathetic he is.

There are approximately 92,000 “reported” rapes in America every year. The true estimate is probably double that. About 5 percent of rapes result in pregnancy. That is 4,600 to 9,200 girls and women who have to endure this ultimate offense against their bodies and their souls. Surprisingly, only half of these rape pregnancies end in abortion. That means the other half chose to carry them through. The key word here being chose. These victims have been to hell, and they need, no, deserve this choice. Let’s not make their suffering unbearable by turning these victims into criminals.