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Katie Dauwen, Fargo, Published September 13 2012

Letter: Time for Gulleson to come clean

The season of endless political advertising is upon us. Who will we believe, and how can we decide? How do we know who to trust?

Actions speak louder than words, and a legislative record speaks even louder. So I was cheering as Republican Kevin Cramer called Democrat Pam Gulleson on the carpet for her own extreme record and lack of support for North Dakota’s energy development (Sept. 5 debate of U.S. House candidates).

Gulleson claims to be pro-energy development, which is laughable considering the fact that her party’s president has declared that ending fossil fuels will be his top priority if re-elected. But giving her the benefit of the doubt, I listened and nodded my head, until Cramer pointed out that she actually voted against a temporary property tax exemption to allow Basin Electric to build a C02 pipeline to the oil fields. Gulleson’s response? “That is not my record!” she insisted. Moderator Charley Johnson said the audience would look it up on their smartphones and moved on.

I did look it up, and Cramer is right: SB 2339 was in the 1997 session. Not only did she vote against it but she was the only vote against it in both houses of the entire Legislature!

It’s time for Gulleson to quit pretending and come clean with North Dakota voters. An independent voice? Well, she was certainly an independent, extreme leftist voice back then. Now she is only a sell-out, saying whatever she needs to say to get elected.