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Heidi Shaffer, Published September 12 2012

Thursday review: Spin Pins stylish, easy to use

FARGO – Some days my thick, curly hair defies all styling attempts and leaves no option but to wear it up.

With shoulder-length spirals, a ponytail often comes out looking more like a poodle tail than a tame mane.

Then, Goody’s Spin Pins turned things around. These two corkscrew-shaped gadgets hold my hair in a perfectly coifed updo for hours.

The style takes less than 30 seconds. I simply twist my hair into a tight bun, screw one pin in horizontally and the second in vertically (My hair tends to hold better if I go from the top).


The look can go casual or classy, depending on where you place the pins. A loose, messy bun is perfect for weekends, while a tight chignon worn at the nape could easily pass on a night out.

Spin Pins, which retail for about $5 at most big-box and drug stores, are made of sturdy metal. Mine have lasted several months and dozens of styles so far.

Talking with friends who also use Spin Pins, it turns out the gadgets’ magic is all about your hair’s texture.

Kirsten, a wavy-haired co-worker with medium-length hair, uses her pins regularly after a quick session with her curling iron and a spritz of hair spray.

It’s a totally different experience for my friend Erin’s shoulder-length, straight hair. She couldn’t even make it out the door in the morning without the pins quickly unraveling.

Bottom line: If you’re sick of a plain ol’ pony, take these pins for a spin.

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