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Bob Lind, Published September 09 2012

Lind: Readers continue to weigh in on lefse toppings

Chuck Humphrey, formerly of Fargo and now of Pocatello, Idaho, says he has “no comment” on the issue debated by readers of this column on what to put on lefse.

However, Chuck says, “I do like the stuff (especially with haggis).”

Yes, the emails on this earth-shaking (and taste-bud-tempting) topic continue to roll in.

One comes from Wilbur Aiken, who says he married into a Norwegian family and to him, “Lefse is tolerable with Jarlsberg cheese and peanut butter.”

Wilbur formerly lived in Minot, N.D., and his wife is from Crosby, N.D. They now live in Plymouth, Minn.

Then there’s Eugene Lee, formerly of Fargo and Moorhead and now of Dallas, who’s downright upset.

“It was disturbing,” Gene writes, “to read how people are ruining the wonderful taste of lefse and butter by adding sugar, maple syrup or lutefisk. Ugh.

“To me, it’s like smothering a gourmet steak with ketchup.

“The other day,” Gene says, “I had some Mexican lefse (tortillas, from corn), and true to my Norwegian heritage I ate them with butter only, no salsa. It was good, but not as good as the real lefse.”

What’s your take on this? Or maybe it’s a question that should be turned over to the folks in Washington, who could launch a $15 billion study of it.

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