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Elly Peterson, Fargo, Published September 07 2012

Letters: No question: Berg for Senate

During his first term in Congress, Rick Berg led the way in calling on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment. In fact, he knows that in order to balance a budget, one must have a budget in the first place. Harry Reid’s Senate thinks that if they just cover their ears, close their eyes and ignore the overspending problem in Washington by never even passing a budget for three years, either the problem will just go away or you’ll never find out about it.

Berg knows that if we can’t get our federal spending under control, it will affect the ability of our children to get a decent education, to take care of their families, to buy a home. He knows that they will be left holding the bill for the spending of today unless we get responsible and start to pay our own bills.

Unfortunately for Heidi Heitkamp, all the good intentions in the world are irrelevant as long as Reid is Senate majority leader. He has the power to block any reform put before the Senate. In fact, Reid is so convinced that we have money to spare, he blocked a bill that would disqualify non-citizens from receiving money from taxpayers in the form of child tax credits, to the tune of an estimated

$7.4 billion per year. You choose – Heitkamp and the policies of Reid or Berg and the policies of common sense.