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Brad Friesen, Fargo, Published September 07 2012

Letter: Just say no to Black Hawks

Black Hawk attack helicopters newly deployed in Fargo and Minneapolis? Thousands of Predator drones being readied in Grand Forks? News sources cheerfully reporting a “new and growing military presence in eastern North Dakota”? Hillary Clinton signing a small-arms treaty with the U.N. that will disarm all American citizens? President Barack Obama weakening the Bill of Rights with a series of executive orders this year?

When will American citizens start opposing these threats to our freedom? Let me suggest a small start for Fargo: Refuse the permanent posting of a Black Hawk in our peaceful city. If we really need a helicopter for civilian purposes, like supporting law enforcement in a city whose crime rate dropped 6 percent from 2010 to 2011, let us get a civilian helicopter that cannot be outfitted with a lethal arsenal in hours. And let us be sure that every one of its flights is approved by Fargo’s civilian administration.

North Dakota has hosted large military bases for decades, but we have lived normal lives because the military kept their hardware and activities on the bases, in observance of the Posse Comitatus Act and all that it represents: the necessity of preserving freedom by limiting military presence in civilian society.

The heat is rising, and in the now-steaming water deceptively called “national security,” the leaders of the frogs of Fargo are welcoming a higher flame. Let us turn down the heat and say “thanks, but no thanks” for that Black Hawk.