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Robert Johnson, West Fargo, Published September 06 2012

Letter: ND workers not shown respect

Labor Day weekend has passed this year and again with no fanfare from North Dakota’s ruling political party.

Many people have left North Dakota to find work and found that they are looked at favorably by out-of-state employers because we have a history of being good workers.

This respect is not shown by North Dakota right-to-work laws. The very name of the law was written to deceive voters into thinking it protects workers’ rights. It doesn’t.

For instance, if an employer in North Dakota finds they have more employees than they need, they can lay off some, and those people can draw unemployment while they look for other work. But also, with the help of the right-to-work law, they can dream up an excuse to fire people. That leaves it up to the person who was fired to prove they were not fired for good reason in order to draw unemployment.

Thankfully, most North Dakota employers don’t stoop to that but there are those that do, and there is a law in place to help them keep their unemployment insurance rates low, so why not use it. I think North Dakota workers, including working farmers, are our best asset and should be treated with respect.

Maybe our ruling political party could start by increasing minimum wage. Or maybe that wouldn’t be the North Dakota way.