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Bob Lind, Published September 03 2012

Lind: Neighbors' great lefse debate continues

Here’s another take on the issue of what to put on your lefse: sugar, no sugar, whatever. It’s a question that has brought many emails to Neighbors.

The latest comes from Lee Kaldor, Mayville, N.D., who, by the way, is a state representative.

“On a trip to Norway in 2000,” Lee writes, “I visited a park in Lillehammer where we had hot dogs rolled in lefse. Dipped in a mustard concoction, they made a great meal.

“I’m of 100 percent Norwegian ancestry, and lefse has never been on my favorites list because it is so often served with sugar on it. I’ve never liked that taste or texture, even as a kid with a sweet tooth.

“On the other hand,” Lee says, “savory recipes have brought me around. My father made what I call Norwegian enchiladas: lefse-wrapped meatballs slathered in meatball gravy. Sometimes these included some corn and mashed potatoes mixed in with the meatballs.

“Of course the classic, which some of your readers supported, was lutefisk in lefse. This was another favorite of my father, but it’s not for me.

“I have been toying with the idea of wrapping a lefse around a bratwurst, rolling it in some savory batter and deep-fat frying it. Maybe it would go over at the state fair in Minnesota?”

Anyhow, Lee thanks Neighbors “for bringing the historic debate about how to eat lefse to light.”

Thanks, Lee. But the credit goes to the many lefse lovers who have written in.

As to what to put on lefse – well, maybe Obama and Romney will include this question in their presidential debates.

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