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Kaitlin Bezdicek, Grand Forks, Published September 03 2012

Letter: It’s biggest tax increase in American history

Heidi Heitkamp called Obamacare “a budget saver” and claimed she would get us the numbers to prove it. It’s been more than 125 days, and we still haven’t heard how this will save us money. Maybe it’s because Heitkamp knows the math on Obamacare doesn’t add up. After all, it’s the biggest tax in American history.

Common sense tells us Obamacare has set our health care system up for failure. There is no way you can add 8.1 million more people into a system and tell me the time it will take me to see my primary preferred physician won’t go up, my quality of care won’t go down and my costs won’t go up. We are not adding more doctors and nurses into the system; we are just shoving more people into an already stretched system and hoping for the best.

Republicans are not against the sick, poor and uninsured. We just want common-sense reform that solves the problem with our health care system: high costs. Obamacare won’t fix this problem. We need to repeal it and implement common-sense, cost-reducing reform. Just say no to Heitkamp and Obamacare. Send Rick Berg to the Senate.