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Mike Myhre, Fargo, Published September 02 2012

Letter: Right-wing crowd is brainwashed

Hitler comment lands talk-show host Chris Berg in hot water, reported The Forum on Aug. 19.

First of all, it was Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda chief) who said, “Make lies big. Make the lie simple. Keep repeating it over and over, and eventually they will believe it.”

If you really want to tell the truth, tell the truth about how George W. Bush’s grandpa financed the Nazis during World War II.

And also, fascism comes from the right wing of the Republican Party, not the left wing of the Democratic Party.

You people can’t stand the truth. All of us Americans aren’t that brainwashed. We know the only way to true democracy is certain forms of socialism. Show me how you get democracy with right-wing Nazi fascism. You can’t; it’s impossible.

You’re either brainwashed, just plain stupid or you are a Nazi fascist. Which is it? Look up the definitions of fascism and democracy in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

What would our World War II veterans say? What would Jesus say?