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Gabriel J. Benton, Wahpeton, N.D., Published September 01 2012

Letter: Ryan’s admirable Christian example

There is a disingenuous attempt by some, as of late, to criticize Rep. Paul Ryan for being something of an Ayn Rand acolyte. I find this to be amazing since some of the critics are Ron Paul supporters, and Rep. Paul is arguably one of this nation’s foremost disciples of Rand.

Back in the 1940s and ’50s, Roman Catholic Americans such as former Communist Whitaker Chambers and author Flannery O’Conner warned of the seductive allure of Rand’s writings and how they were steeped in atheism and mocked Christ and his followers. What some may not be aware of is that Ryan said that in his younger years Rand’s ideology was attractive primarily because of it anti-Marxists tones and philosophy.

Ryan has gone on to state that he would rather take St. Thomas Aquinas over Rand and he further rejects her objectivist and atheistic philosophy because it reduces people to mere objects.

Also, Ryan’s recent budget is based, at the core, on Pope John Paul II’s economic theology of the Principle of Subsidiarity which, incidentally, is something many liberals and social justice advocates should applaud. Ryan is a good son of the church and as such he recognizes the need to reform whatever is amiss in his philosophy and his politics.

The fact that Ryan is rejecting Rand’s ideology should be considered laudatory and fellow Christians of all branches of Christ’s church should follow his example.