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John Wheeler, WDAY, Published August 31 2012

Weather Talk: Part of hurricane coverage was too painful to watch

Television coverage of Hurricane Isaac this week was generally very good. Networks have gotten very aggressive at covering hurricanes because, frankly, hurricane coverage is very popular with the American television audience and so it generates great ratings.

It does seem a bit macabre – millions of people getting their thrills watching the troubles of other people. But that is essentially what television has always been about. For that matter, problems of other people essentially is the stuff of Shakespeare, Aeschylus and Homer.

However, when my remote flicking took me to the Nancy Grace hurricane coverage, I realized that we have reached new depths if we are so entertained by hysterical people calling in and sobbing about the safety of their aunts and uncles while the show’s host lambasts the decisions of millions of people who did not evacuate as if she knows anything at all about hurricanes.

For me, it was too painful to watch so, I went back to my computer weather data of the storm.

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