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Les Stenerson, Moorhead, Published August 31 2012

Letter: Chicken editorial failed funny test

If the intention of the editorial (Forum, Aug. 22) “Chickens top their agenda?” was to create discussion, it certainly was successful. If it was a tongue-in-cheek piece meant to be funny, it failed miserably and was perceived to be a mean-spirited jab at the city and everyone in it.

The created discussion was lively at our weekly “let’s talk business” breakfast. The Moorhead Business Association members were quite surprised with the mean-spirited tone of the editorial questioning the city council’s priorities when, according to the editorial, so many other pressing problems or issues, such as “on thoroughfares, rundown, unpainted, shabby buildings in forests of weeds give the city a ‘who cares?’ look.”

In addition, there were no derogatory mentions of Fargo and West Fargo dealing with the same issue in May 2010. Fargo allows chickens on a limited basis as compared with West Fargo denying the right.

Moorhead has ongoing issues as all cities do, including Fargo; however, no mention of the many recent improvements or efforts that city leaders staff and the MBA have had in moving Moorhead forward. We who have an affinity for Moorhead understand these issues and are offended by the insinuations that because we respond to residents’ requests as other cities do that we are being foolish.

Our conclusion was that the editorial laid an egg. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

Stenerson is president of the Moorhead Business Association.