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Kevin Cramer, Published August 30 2012

Letter: Gulleson resorts to lies in U.S. House campaign

It’s ironic that on the same day my opponent had a letter to the editor in The Forum claiming she wants her campaign to be about issues, there is a news story where she commits libel, violates state election laws and implicates herself in likely violations of Federal Election Committee regulations. The story is so interesting it earned prominent print coverage, but so predictable, I wasn’t even called for a response to the allegations.

I want to correct my opponent’s talk of “illegal actions” and “illicit funds” in referring to contributions to my campaign. The people of North Dakota need to know that all donations have been 100 percent transparent, legally declared contributions from individual donors and registered PACs. I have never taken a contribution from a company as my opponent and The Forum claim.

Not only are all of my contributions legal, but Gulleson actually breaks the law by claiming otherwise. She is in clear violation of the state’s corrupt practices law (16.1-10-04) concerning the publication and promotion of false information that is “untrue, deceptive or misleading.” This is a misdemeanor under North Dakota code, and I am sure appropriate officials will look into the matter.

Neither Gulleson nor Brad Crabtree have been able to point to a single instance where I have made a decision in the PSC hearing room that has been contrary to the evidence brought forward and the rules governing PSC decisions. Their behavior may be based on special interests and curried favors, but that’s not how I make my decisions. My hearing record over the past nine years proves it.

Rather than deal with facts, my opponent has willfully misrepresented my contributions and character. She has wrongfully stated I am a defendant in an important lawsuit against the secretary of the interior, and in her letter on Social Security, she has lied to the public about my position.

Even more unsettling, my opponent appears to be coordinating this attack with Democrat Public Service Commission candidate Crabtree’s recent attacks against me. Federal election laws prohibit state and federal candidates from working together in this way. Gulleson’s behavior is disturbing and should sound the warning bell for honest, concerned citizens.

By joining forces with Crabtree, my opponent’s true agenda is unveiled. Her allegiance clearly lies with those radical, out-of-state environmentalists who do not have North Dakota’s best interests at heart. These extreme environmentalist-lobbying groups are actively working against North Dakota’s energy producers, North Dakota’s agriculture producers and North Dakota’s free election process.

My opponent’s idea of a good farm bill is one where environmentalists tell farmers what they have to do in order to qualify for crop insurance. Gulleson’s supporters include Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats supporting cap-and-trade – the very people who want to halt our energy production and forced Obamacare through in the dead of night. Her revealed allegiances force the question of whether she really cares about the people of North Dakota or the agenda of the extreme left in this nation.

Isn’t it incongruous that my opponent has chosen to employ unethical and illegal behavior to accuse me of accepting unethical contributions? And isn’t it disconcerting she would choose this bitter path?

Perhaps Gulleson should step up to the stage and start discussing solutions to the economic crisis her party has created. That’s what I intend to do. As far as my record on the Public Service Commission, I welcome the opportunity to talk about every detail whenever Gulleson has the courage to discuss the facts rather than baseless rhetoric.

Cramer, a North Dakota Public Service commissioner, is Republican candidate for the U.S. House from North Dakota.