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Daryl Ritchison, WDAY, Published August 28 2012

Weather Talk: 7 of 11 hurricane names that start with ‘i’ retired

In the past decade, Apple has included the letter “i” in the names of its popular products. In the weather world, the past decade has also brought about a plethora of “i”-named hurricanes that have also become well-known.

Hurricanes names are cycled over a period of six years, which means the same list of names used in 2012 will be used again in 2018, unless a hurricane name becomes retired. Hurricane names are retired when the storm produces devastating damage or has high impacts in many areas.

The letter of the alphabet with the most retired names is the letter “i”. Seven of the past 11 hurricanes that started with the letter “i” have been retired. Since the advent of using satellites to detect hurricanes, it is often during the peak of the hurricane season that we reach the ninth-named storm, which is the main reason why so many “i” storms have been retired in recent years.

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