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Meredith Holt, Published August 22 2012

Review: Make-Up-Matte falls flat

FARGO – The Make-Up-Matte is marketed as a “cosmetic workspace and portable carryall,” but it’s not much more than a soft microfiber mat.

I usually have makeup powders and brushes strewn atop my dresser, and it’d be nice to have some sort of cloth there to catch the excess particles.

The Make-Up-Matte does serve that purpose, but I wouldn’t consider it a “workspace,” and I wouldn’t use it as a cosmetics case.

The tapping and swirling motions of using mineral powder makeup can create a mess, so I do like that the Make-Up-Matte is machine-washable.

However, the sewn-in pockets are too deep for most of my brushes and the attached elastic doesn’t provide a secure-enough closure for travel.

At $18.89 to $22.95, I could probably ask a more arts-and-crafts-inclined friend to make me one for a fraction of the cost.

Though I didn’t like the pink floral of the mat I received, some of the other patterns are bright and pretty and would look nice in my bedroom.

When I can, I try to support female entrepreneurs and new ideas (especially new ideas in makeup), but it’s a “meh” for me.

The Make-Up-Matte is available at www.makeupmatte.com, www.beauty.com and www.qvc.com.

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