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Keith James, Fargo, Published August 18 2012

Bicycle lanes welcome in city

Kudos to the Fargo city planners for adding bicycle lanes, bicycle markings on streets and posting signs for cars to “Share the Road” with bikes.

North Dakota law clearly states that bicycles have the same right as cars to use streets and roadways and cyclists don’t belong on the sidewalks (contrary to a recent letter to The Forum). Any cyclist knows that riding on the sidewalk puts you at extreme danger on every intersection because cars can’t see you.

I commute daily from north Fargo to south Fargo every summer (this year from March hopefully through October – approximately nine months), and I think drivers generally are getting better at sharing the road. I save a tank of gas (about $50) every couple of weeks and am about 20 pounds lighter since I started biking this spring.

The letter writer was complaining about the expense of striping the bike lanes, but that is the same cost for striping car lanes. He thinks his mode of transportation is somehow “more equal” than my mode. These are exactly the drivers whom the Fargo city planners are trying to educate.

Perhaps The Forum could write some articles to inform everyone of the many advantages of commuting via bicycles on Fargo’s city streets.