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Ray Lottie, Hawley, Minn., Published August 18 2012

About Medicare: Ryan has a plan

In May I became a senior citizen, and I have noticed a lot of campaign ads that seem directed at me and my fellow seniors. Most involve Medicare.

According to trustees, this program is in trouble, with the Medicare trust fund running out of money in 2024. That’s only 12 years away, so it’s a real issue. Recognizing the danger, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has put forth a plan to save Medicare from fiscal disaster. For his trouble, Ryan has been vilified by President Barack Obama and his re-election campaign staff.

Instead of coming up with a plan of his own, Obama has embarked on a scurrilous strategy of scaring seniors by claiming Ryan wants to destroy Medicare.

Note to President Obama, and his campaign strategist David Axelrod: I’m not that stupid. If we do nothing, Medicare will certainly go broke, so quit badmouthing Ryan, and come up with a plan. If you fail to be serious about Medicare, it will become obvious to American voters that you are far more interested in your re-election than you are in providing positive leadership to solve our country’s biggest issues.