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Michael Howell, West Fargo, Published August 18 2012

A new definition might be in order

I believe gay people should have equal rights. However, marriage is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the institution under which a man and a woman become united on a permanent basis/also defined as the entering into the married state as a religious rite.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine defines marriage as the social institution involving legal and/or religious sanction whereby men and women are joined together for the purpose of founding a family unit.

The family unit is the most important part of our society.

Some states have passed laws giving these rights to gay couples to join in a civil union, but they haven’t called it marriage. I would guess that the majority of people think gays should have these civil rights, but also a majority of people are not in favor of calling it marriage.

We need a new word that would reflect the lifelong commitment of a gay couple and recognition of their civil rights as a couple.

I am not a wordsmith. I don’t have any expertise as to what that word should be. Some possibilities include: homatrimony, homnuptial, homespousal, malemarriage, femalemarriage, gaytrimony, garriage, harriage, marriage[h], gayunification, homunion, die Hochzeit[h]. There are probably hundreds of possible words.

It would be nice if some clever person could come up with a new word that would satisfy both sides of this argument.