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Doug VanderMeulena, Fargo, Published August 17 2012

Is it ‘gay pride’ or heterophobia?

Karlay Jay wrote in 1992 in her book “Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation” the following, “The gay revolution will produce a world in which all social and sensual relationships will be gay and in which homo- and heterosexuality will be incomprehensible terms.” Twenty years later, is there any evidence that Jay’s vision for the future is becoming a present reality?

Consider the following. “M” and “F” are disappearing from birth certificates and passport applications in Western countries. In certain documents, mother and father are being replaced with “parent A” and “parent B.” In California, SB 48 requires all public schools to include positive discussions of transgenderism, bisexuality and homosexuality, while traditional marriage and sexuality are not allowed to be taught. The director of religious life at Vanderbilt University has been quoted as declaring, in the name of diversity, that traditional Christian views “are now forbidden.” Dan Cathy, COO of Chick-fil-A, openly supporting the biblical view of marriage and sent the homosexual community into a frenzy and caused government officials in three major U.S. cities to vow battles against Chick-fil-A’s right to open restaurants in their town.

Is gay pride about tolerance or transforming our town, state and country to be a place where “all social and sensual relationships will be gay,” and anyone advancing a traditional view of sex, marriage and family will be viewed as dangerous, bigoted and needing to be silenced?

VanderMeulena is a Fargo clergyman.