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Casey Furey, Grand Forks, Published August 17 2012

Cramer editorial very unbalanced

Why am I surprised at the narrow-minded, one-sided approach to the Forum editorial “Oil money is buying something” (July 17)? Where is the concern about the hundreds of thousands of dollars backing the Pam Gulleson campaign? Do you think that isn’t buying something?

Compare Kevin Cramer’s remark regarding the oil company contributions to Gulleson’s remarks about her political party. Cramer believes in free enterprise and in energy independence. He has never stated anything to the contrary. Why wouldn’t these companies want to see him advance in influence? Gulleson, on the other hand, promotes herself as an independent Democrat, constantly decrying the “partisan politics of Washington,” yet has been flooded with contributions and support from the very “partisan politics” party from which she tries to distance herself.

Where is the concern about what phone calls Gulleson will answer should she win in the fall? Does anyone have any doubt she will have Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on speed dial?

Like it or not, politics is all about influence. What we need to be concerned about is voting for a candidate who is unashamed to stand firm for his or her convictions, whose actions and record are transparent, and who

doesn’t claim one thing and live another. In my opinion, that choice is clear. I’m voting Cramer all the way.