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Becky Ronkowski, Grand Forks, Published August 17 2012

Is Cramer OK with racist tweet?

It seems that these days, we can’t expect much civility in politics. Yet, I was appalled when I read that Kevin Cramer’s (Republican candidate for U.S. House) communication director, Kate Bommarito, retweeted a racist tweet last week, saying, “I wonder if Einstein had Barack Obama in mind when he coined the term ‘Black Hole’?”

Whether one agrees with the president on all issues or not, I would hope that we would all agree that racist comments like that one are far from constructive in today’s political discourse.

And what does this say about Cramer that the woman he hired to manage his image thinks nothing of spewing that kind of rhetoric? It shows not only racism but extreme arrogance on her part, and extremely poor judgment on his part. I don’t think these are characteristics we want to see in someone who believes he could represent North Dakotans in Congress.

Bommarito has since deleted her entire Twitter account. I assume this was done to cover up the incident. That isn’t enough. I believe that Cramer should ask for her resignation or at least a letter of apology.

Let’s ask a little more from our politicians and the people who represent us. North Dakota is better than this, and we deserve better from those running for political office.