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Michelle Turnberg, Published August 18 2012

Turnberg: Summer ends more quickly each year

You can smell the change in the air. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures, the scent of new text books, football pads or brand new tennis shoes.

It may only be mid-August, but summer is over.

School begins this week.

For about as long as I remember, my grandmother told me that as you get older time seems to go by more quickly. I’m finding this to be truer every year, and I can hardly wrap my head around how fast this summer has flown by.

I remember elementary school and those wonderful summer vacations. The time off was the same as it is now, but the three months seemed to go on and on, filled with camps, family vacations and even doing a little farm work (by “riding the bean bar”) to earn some money. I remember the weeks before school began, being so excited to see my friends again as it seemed an eternity since we were together last.

Now that I’m the parent, I’m not even sure we had a summer. Wasn’t it just Memorial Day? Didn’t I just run Grandma’s Marathon? Didn’t I just celebrate my birthday? Weren’t we just at the family reunion? Where did the time go?

I try to find something to enjoy in every season, but there is something bittersweet knowing my kids and I no longer have summer weekends to enjoy together. In just a few days my kids will be back in class. One will be in third grade; the other in fourth grade, which provides a reminder of how quickly they are growing up. Soon we’ll be bundled up at football games, the leaves will turn and the snow will fly.

And before you know it I’ll be writing about how quickly the school year went by and how is it possible we are almost ready for summer vacation?

Once again, my grandmother was right.

Michelle Turnberg writes a weekly column for SheSays.