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Ed Green, West Fargo, Published August 14 2012

Letter to the editor: Fargo bicycle lanes an expensive mistake

I drive through one of the areas with bike lanes almost every day on Ninth Avenue South in Fargo, and in two years or so, I have seen about 10 bicyclists using it, with the rest of them using the sidewalk. Yet the masterminds in Fargo continue to force this on us, with you and me paying for it.

On a recent trip to Germany, I noticed they also have bike lanes, but they are on the sidewalk. Maybe they know that when you put bikes and cars next to each other, you might lose some bicyclists.

And the cost is outrageous. With all the taxing and spending they do with our money here, does anybody care that every mile of bike lanes re-striping is around $20,000? I know I do.

A couple of other reasons this is foolish: You can only really ride your bicycle in Fargo half the year anyway, yet we must give up the parking on one side of the street all year long. And the city of Fargo may eventually get sued over a bicyclist getting run over. Remember, it’s the city’s idea to place cars next to bikes. And when the day comes that they have to pay out damages for this, it’s our money again.