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Brandon Heaton, Fargo , Published August 11 2012

Again, another violation of US flag etiquette

I noticed while running errands that flags had once again been lowered to half-staff. After looking into what national tragedy had occurred to warrant this once-prideful public honor, I learned that the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin was the reason for the lowering under presidential decree.

How about we just leave our flags flying at half-staff because something tragic happens almost every day somewhere in America? While what happened in Wisconsin, and before that Colorado, was sad for the people involved, they were not, key word here, national tragedies. Pearl Harbor was a national tragedy. 9/11 was a national tragedy.

President Barack Obama is making a mockery of this once honorable practice for what I believe to be his pandering for votes in important states. This disturbing trend is actually taking away from the significance of lowering the flag. Truly sad.