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Cory Christofferson, Hamar, N.D., Published August 11 2012

Why do people of North Dakota keep re-electing uncaring idiots?

Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed an executive order declaring an emergency to remove water off Devils Lake. This gives the state the right to remove water from the lake regardless of water quality. Duh? Where have these geniuses been the past 10 years and $2 billion ago?

The argument by the state over the past decade has been that no water could be removed from Devils Lake because of water quality. But now, after spending a couple billion of taxpayers’ money on roads, pumps, buyouts, easements and on and on, the smart people in Bismarck have decided the pumps need to run continuously. At a cost of thousands a month, these pumps, if they even continue running (last year the west-end ones were down most of the time) will at best, in a year’s time, remove a foot of water off a lake that has risen 25 feet to 30 feet over the past 20 years.

Yes, the lake is a couple of feet lower this year than last, but maybe someone should inform the governor and his merry little band of marauders that we are in a drought. This has more to do with Devils Lake dropping than his worthless pipeline.

I recall something I heard many years ago when the lake first started rising. The owner of a local dirt-moving company said that for a million dollars he could clean out the Tolna Coulee and remove all the water anyone ever wanted off the lake. That was when the lake was 10 feet lower than it is today. While the million-dollar figure may have been an exaggeration, the total cost at that time to lower or keep the lake at 1,446 or lower would not have been much more. But no way, “water quality, water quality,” the state kept screaming as farms and homes were gobbled up. Why is water quality no longer an issue?

After all the lost farms, homes, heartache and deaths caused by the past 15 years of flooding, I am confused as to why the good people of this state keep electing these uncaring idiots to office. I had a wealthy friend who once told me. “People vote their pocketbooks.” I guess $8 corn, the oil boom and overflowing state coffers have something to do with it.