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Kellie Hoverson, Fargo, Published August 10 2012

The Bible is not our only guide

I’m sick and tired of seeing arguments regarding gay marriage that use the Bible as their only source. The same archaic points are constantly brought up, though they are ignorant and discriminating.

Considering our country has no national religion, it is unconstitutional to dictate state or federal law according to a religious text. Don’t think me naive; I realize separation of church and state has never fully existed in America. However, the freedom of religion was not created so that our country could be dominated and influenced by one religion.

I would like to remind you all that gender is culturally constructed. In some cultures marriage is not explicitly for one man and one woman. Many cultures around the world recognize multiple genders, and less constricting marriage practices. While America certainly has its set values about what marriage should be, it is ignorant to assume that’s the only way it can be.

What exactly is so threatening about homosexual marriage to our “family values” and “sanctity of marriage”? We refuse to let two men or two women get married, yet every day, children here are exposed to guns and gun violence. Forty percent of American households contain both children and guns. Twenty-two million Americans aged 12 and older use illegal drugs. There is an entire laundry list of things that ruin family values.

And as for the “sanctity” of marriage? I would start by outlawing divorce if the “sanctity” of marriage is such a pressing concern.

Obviously there is a biological argument for heterosexual marriage, but we must remember that an established part of our culture is marriage based on love. Chances are, you would not want to be denied the right to marry for love. Yet you would deny that right to somebody else. Also, don’t forget that homosexual couples can reproduce thanks to sperm donors and in vitro fertilization. Either that, or they can adopt the unwanted children of heterosexual couples.

Let’s face the reality here: The Bible cannot be the reason we deny anybody their rights.