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Kay Syvrud, Hawley, Minn., Published August 07 2012

Why a sob story about a drunk?

Another “sob story” appeared in the Aug. 3 Forum written by staff writer Mike Nowaktzki. The article tells us what a “nice guy” the drunken driver was – the guy who drunkenly drove his vehicle the wrong way on Interstate 94 and killed a West Fargo family in early July.

Yes, maybe he was a “nice guy,” but “nice guys” do not get blind drunk or smoke marijuana and get into a vehicle and drive down the wrong lane of an interstate, wiping out a young husband and wife and their children, one of them unborn.

I get very sick of reading such sob stories in The Forum. I cannot even imagine how this hurts the loved ones of the West Fargo family who had their lives snuffed out by this “nice guy.”

From the article: “Enzminger (the one who thinks that Wyatt Klein was such a “nice guy”) feels that Klein has been unfairly characterized since the July 6 crash west of Jamestown. ... ‘It’s a bad thing that happened. I feel sorry for the people that got killed. It’s a bad deal ... but he was trying to turn his life around.’ ”

It’s a lot more than a bad thing that happened, and how can anyone feel sorry for dead people whose lives were taken by a “nice guy”? That dead family is not able to receive the “sorrys” from Enzminger or anyone else.

I, too, feel very bad – for the parents and grandparents and all the aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers of the West Fargo family. They have to be subjected to this sobby tripe in The Forum when they are deep in grief over the death of an entire young family.

I wish The Forum reporters would stop writing these sob stories about “nice guys” who are criminals and killers when they drive drunk and kill innocent victims with their “niceness.” Enough is enough.