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Bob Lind, Published August 05 2012

Lind: Moorhead boasts 4-piece polka band

‘I liked your polka music memories column,” Juan Mondragon, Fargo, writes, referring to one of several columns about polka bands, primarily those from the Lankin, N.D., area.

Polka music is available in Moorhead, too, because, Juan writes, “We have a polka band (four pieces) that plays Wednesdays at 8 p.m. at John Alexander’s restaurant” in Moorhead.

Juan and his wife, Annele, own John Alexander’s as well as Juano’s restaurants in Moorhead and Fargo.

Juan says the band, called the Blue Boys, is made up of Concordia College music majors. They’ve played in several places in the United States and even made a trip to China.

Who’d have thought they liked to polka in China?

A good laugh

Another story here concerned the rural mail carrier who one winter got stuck, and another carrier pushed and pushed his vehicle with no success and was frostbitten in the process. Then the embarrassed owner of the vehicle found he’d left his parking brake on.

Neighbors received an email from Darrell Cariveau, Fargo, who wrote, “I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your story about the two mailmen. I haven’t stopped laughing.

“In our busy lives,” Darrell writes, “we tend to take things so seriously. We are under pressure to get this story out, to be at this place at this time for a meeting. Deadlines, deadlines.

“Every once in a while it does one good to have a good belly laugh. You provided one for me. God bless!”

Thanks, Darrell, but the credit goes to the mail carrier who wrote in and ’fessed up to leaving the brakes on.

But agreed, it’s great to have a good belly laugh once in a while.

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