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Shane Gebeke, Fargo, Published August 05 2012

Get tougher with DUI laws

It amazes me the number of individuals who still drink and drive even with checkpoints, fines, loss of license, etc. I think the issue could be seriously knocked in the head by seizing the driver’s vehicle in each and every case. You drink, you drive, you lose your car. End of story. Period. Your friend, mom, dad, etc., lets you drive his/her car and you get a DUI? Yep, they just lost their car.

How else do you get the point across to these stooges who just don’t get it? Obviously, several days in jail and several hundred bucks in fines are of little hindrance. Yeah, yeah, don’t forget higher insurance rates, right? That is assuming the drinker/drivers get it in the first place. Many I’m sure do not, which makes matters worse in cases of accidents with injuries. They just continue to drive with their fingers crossed. If they don’t have a car, how can they drive in the first place?

Another ridiculous issue: You do not need a driver’s license to register a vehicle. Why not? You should have a license to drive before you can purchase a car, right?

Long story short, DUI = car seizure. You need a driver’s license and proof of insurance to register a vehicle. You need a driver’s license to purchase a vehicle from a dealership. Put these three points in place and you will have sidewalks and cabs full of drunks. Sure, this isn’t the magic silver bullet, but it will put a bigger dent in DUIs than the current system by far.