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Andrew Schultz, Fargo, Published August 04 2012

Half-staff flag right for nation

Reading the article “Is half-staff becoming a half-hearted display?” after the tragic events in Colorado that shook our country were being recognized and our nation was doing what we do best – coming together in times of grief and sadness – has really left a sour taste in my mouth.

It’s unfortunate that a member of our community could belittle the importance of honoring the innocent lives that were taken while attending a movie.

Those citizens should not have died during a simple movie outing. And they don’t deserve recognition only because there were veterans involved. I acknowledge the importance of honoring our veterans, but innocent lives of everyday average citizens count, too.

Please step off of your high horse and let the victims matter. Their families are grieving and do not need your lack of respect at a time like this.

I hope you can understand where this opinion comes from. The words we choose to use are one of our greatest assets in a free country, but saying that “the honor is degraded ...” seems a little unfair and to be quite frank, rude. The lowering of the flag is important and has meaning no matter when it is lowered. It brings us closer together, until you criticize it.