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Christopher Westby, Fargo, Published July 28 2012

Berg uses mother to ‘say anything’

One of Rep. Rick Berg’s, R-N.D., favorite attacks against Heidi Heitkamp is that the Affordable Care Act cuts billions from Medicare, a claim repeated by Berg’s mother in a recent ad. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that Medicare outlays will increase over the next 10 years. The ACA helps reduce that projected growth in future spending by improving the program’s efficiency. Even though the act retains and expands Medicare benefits, Republicans and Berg slam the savings as cutting Medicare.

The purported “cuts” were apparently not so appalling when Berg voted to keep them in the Republicans’ 2012 House budget. Regardless of whether the reforms are good policy, as Berg is the only Senate candidate to have actually voted for the maligned “cuts,” it is at best disingenuous for him to criticize others for supporting them.

Francie Berg admonishes us that some people will say anything: What about people who have their mom do it for them?