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Michelle Turnberg, Published July 28 2012

Turnberg: Life’s adventures include stint on game show

One of the best graduation presents I ever received was Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

The book is about life’s journey and the many challenges, adventures and experiences you’ll have. It prompts you to be ready for the amazing ride on which life will take you.

This week, I experienced such a ride. I was on “Family Feud.”

Yes, the real “Family Feud.”

It was on a whim that my cousins and I put together an audition tape. On Easter Sunday, we grabbed the camera and made our best attempt at putting our personalities on video. We sent it in and went about our lives. A few weeks later we learned the producers wanted to fly us down to Atlanta for a show.

All I could do was laugh and ask: “Are you kidding?”

On Monday morning we flew from Minneapolis to Atlanta. From the moment we arrived until the moment we returned, we were treated like royalty.

On the day of the taping, we were taken to a studio with nine other families from around the country. We met a lovely family from New Orleans and others from Boston, Dallas and Atlanta. We were all vying for five spots and the possibility of actually getting on TV. There were no guarantees.

We had a rehearsal and were told to do it big or go home. After all, this is show business.

We smiled, cheered, screamed and hollered. We did what we could and then waited.

The returning champions came back, and their first opponents were chosen. Host Steve Harvey came out and greeted the crowd and told jokes. He was funny, sincere and very sharply dressed.

Then the games began.

We sat through two games thinking our time was running out when we got the call: “Turnberg family, come with me.”

I had watched the show several times when I was younger. Richard Dawson was the host, and I thought it would be fun to be a contestant. I remember his clever sense of humor and, of course, his kissing all the female contestants. Now, my own family and I are on our way to the green room. How cool and unbelievable is this?

We got on the show, and we had an absolute blast. It was a long, exhausting, high-energy day. Everything was first class, and everyone associated with the show was amazing.

“Oh the places you’ll go.” Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that my adventures would include an appearance on a game show.

Stay tuned. There will be more to the story.

Michelle Turnberg writes a weekly column for SheSays.